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Birmingham Academy of Dance offers competition teams for all levels of dancers, from beginner to elite.  We structure our teams so that everyone can participate, forming groups based on similar skill level, age, and the desired time commitment.  Children must have a minimum of one year dance experience that included stage performance (ie, recital) and be at least 5 yrs of age prior to first competition.  Exceptions may be approved by studio director on a case by case basis.

Competition students will be kept in competition team classes during the week for the majority of classes, and be required to enroll in a specific number of hours for core requirements.  This will allow our students to practice weekly during regular classes and minimize weekend time commitments.  We also limit weekend practices to Sunday between the hours of 1 and 7 p.m..  This does not mean each student will practice all 6 hours, only that this will be the set time allotted for competition practices extending beyond regular week day times.  We have chosen this option in order to allow families to plan their free time as they choose in advance, without having to worry about last minute scheduling.  Calendars will be provided monthly showing your child’s specific practice times for each Sunday for that month.


All students who audition are guaranteed placement in at least one competition group number.  We want all children who have the determination and desire to perform to be allowed the opportunity.  Auditions will be held in order to place children into specific group numbers depending on their strengths and abilities.  Participation in a two week summer camp will be mandatory in order to learn try-out choreography in each genre.  Actual auditions will be at the end of the camp.  In addition to the mandatory two week audition camp, students must also complete a minimum of 10 hrs of class during the summer session to include 3 hrs of ballet and 3 hrs of leaps and turns.  Practice for competition teams will begin immediately following announcement of groups.  Solos and duets require director approval, but are encouraged. 

Mandatory competition audition camps will be July 24th – August 3rd  2017 (Monday-Thursday each week) with auditions on August 3rd. See camp info below.

Parents’ informational meeting will be held Monday April 3rd 2017 from 7:15-7:45 pm covering the financial and time commitment for competitive dance, as well as general information regarding audition camps and competitions we will be attending.  Please feel free to contact our office with any additional questions prior to informational meeting.

5-18 Yr Old Mandatory Competition Summer Intensive Camp

This two week camp is mandatory for any student wishing to compete on our 2017-2018 competition teams.  Please contact the studio for more information.  Students are required to complete both weeks of camp, with auditions on the last day.  Camp will run Mon-Thurs with a 30 minute lunch break daily July 24th- August 3rd, Monday-Thursday.​

Camp Cost:            5-7 year olds               $225 for both weeks
                              8 year olds & up           $325 for both weeks

Camp Times:         5-7 year olds               Mon-Thurs 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
                              8 year olds & up          Mon-Thurs 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Camp Session:     July 24th – August 3rd

In addition to the summer intensive, competition students are required to take a minimum of 10 hrs of classes throughout the summer.